Our Team

Our Founding Members:

Justine Chow
Justine Chow Kmiecik, CEO is co-inventor on BaseTrace's intellectual property, and has been working on the company full time since May 2012. Justine coordinates BaseTrace’s fundraising, business development, and technological design.

Jake Rudulph
Jake Rudulph, CTO is co-inventor on BaseTrace's intellectual property, and has been working on the company full time since May 2012. Jake spearheads the tracer’s technological development while monitoring legislative issues and cultivating business partnerships.

Adam Rigel
Adam Rigel provides prior startup experience to the team, developing BaseTrace’s business materials and business strategy. Adam has previous startup experience at Storm Exchange, the new residential solar group at SunEdison, and at his own consulting business, Green Carbon USA.

David Roche
David Roche provides expertise in environmental law and policy, structuring our legislative strategy and leading the company’s communication with policymaker and environmental nonprofits as well as making connections with potential high-profile investors.

Paul-Harvey Weiner
Paul-Harvey Weiner is deeply involved in projects related to sustainable business operations research, identifying new technologies to reduce private sector environmental impact in a cost-effective manner, and environmental organic chemistry and transport phenomena.

Our advisory board:

Ronda Closner
Ronda Closner is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence and head of Marketing and Business Development at First Flight Venture Center. She was Chief Marketing Officer of FormScape, is president of Caymus Ventures, co-founder of New Meadows Partners, is a member of RTP Capital.

Lister Delgado
Lister Delgado is a Founding General Partner at IDEA Fund Partners. He has experience as a Venture Associate at the First Flight Fund of the NC Technological Development Authority, and started his career working for Lucent Technologies and AT&T Bell Laboratories.

Vikram Rao
Vikram Rao served as Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Halliburton for more than thirty years. Dr. Rao currently serves on the boards of Intelligent Well Controls Ltd, venture capital Energy Ventures AS, and the North Carolina Mining and Energy Commission.

Ginger Rothrock
Ginger Rothrock is Program Manager of Emerging Technologies at the Research Triangle Instutite. Dr. Rothrock spent seven years at Liquidia Technologies leading the Materials Science Division, which focused on advanced materials and manufacturing processes for nano-enabled products.

Truman Semans
Truman Semans is Senior Advisor at Cleantech Group and GreenOrder, having served as Principal and Partner from 2008-2013. His work has helped clients including GE, Dresser, Duke Energy, and Saudi Basic Industries drive growth through innovation in sustainability and investment in clean technology.